Have you seen the newest hit YouTube series “Situationship” yet?! If not, you need too! A drama filled, hilarious take on the current dating woes millennials face on a daily basis. I recently had a brief meeting of the minds with the show’s creator, the beautiful Cylla Senii, and wrote a poem based on the show. Leave your thoughts below and before to check out the show!

Website: Situationships.Nyc
Youtube –


You think you meet the one
Heart and mind filled with elation
Then six months later
You find out you’re in a Situation
Show up to his crib on his birthday
Trying to surprise him for his birthday
Thinking you’re his one and only
Then finding out otherwise in the worst
So here you are with this other girl
Both holding happy birthday cakes
Arguing with each other, violating each other’s space
Instead confronting this no good bastard
And throwing those cakes right in his face
You’re in a Situationship
It’s you and him and her
But let’s go back, let me break it down
So you can understand the word

Let’s say you meet someone today
And the chemistry is out of this world
For the next year and a half you do everything couples do
But he’s not your man and you’re not his girl
You try to convince him to commit
You pour your heart out because you’re tired of waiting idle
And then he hits you with the, “Come on babe, you gotta chill.
You know what it is…we don’t need a title.”

That’s a Situationship
Something you don’t want to be in
Don’t believe me?
Ask Melody about her dude Damian
Ask Jasmine about Tarryn
Or tell Robyn to pick ONE man
Or better yet…
Ask Adrian’s opportunistic ass
No one is honest about what they want
But they keep continuing on with their relations
So he hurts her, then she hurts him
Now everyone is in a messed up Situation
Well except Jaden…
But let’s see how long before his laundry gets aired
Right now he seems to be the only good guy
But I have a funny feeling something is there
If you’re currently in a Situationship
Or one of their scenarios applies to someone you know
Then I suggest you grab your wine
Forget about Netflix and Chill
Get to a computer and watch this show
When that next webisode drops
Be sure to watch for the lessons they teach
The drama, the excitement
Will have you on the edge of your seat
No gas, this is all fact
This show is absolutely lit
And who knows, this could be good for your soul
Watching it could help your Situationship


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